Patches' Amazing Page!

Well hello there hooman. Welcome to my site that is all about me, Patches :) Check out my vids and pics while you are here, they are really cute. Also, do me a solid and visit that "Send Me a Pat" tab to shoot a pat over to me. My hoomans will give me a scratch behind the ears, or a bell rub (yay!) for each hooman out there that visits the page. So get clicking!

Patches sleeping

A little bit about me...
I am 8 years old, but act like a 2 year old. I do not listen to my hoomans very well, and that makes them mad, but they still love me :) I love going to the beach, where I can run like Rey and Finn did from those TIE fighters. I HATE water with a passion and will hold my pee for hours if it is raining (don't even get me started on baths). But overall, my favorite thing to do is lay in the sun all day and take long naps with my hoomans near by :)

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